Seismic Bracing

The ICS Seismic Bracing system process includes:

Attach split nut to leveling leg of equipment cabinet.

Wrap ICS Kwik Clamp around leveling leg and split nut.

Mark hole at base of Kwik Clamp. Move clamp aside and drill hole through the access floor panel.

Insert 1/2 inch hex head bolt through base clamp and hole in panel. Attach ICS Under floor assembly to 1/2 inch hex head bolt at underside of raised floor panel and tighten.

Mark hole at sub-floor at base of ICS Under floor assembly. Move aside and drill hole in sub-floor. Insert 1/2 inch Hilti Kwik Bolt II into hole. Place base of ICS Under floor assembly over anchor and tighten with nuts.

Tie cabinets together when possible using existing bolt holes in frame or splice plates.

During the Seismic Bracing installation process, our technicians are trained and aware of the sensitive conditions of the data center environment. They are trained to be cautious in and around the sub floor area of the raised access floor. Every precaution is taken to eliminate dust and debris during the drilling process of the installation.

During the drilling process, a HEPA vacuum with special filtration system is used to eliminate any airborne dust that may occur during drilling.

During the Seismic Bracing process it is necessary to drill the holes in the access floor panels while they are in place. Variable Speed Drills with titanium coated drill bits are used on a low setting. This eliminates the possibility of creating excessive heat or sparks during the process.

Seismic Bracing Recommendations

In addition to the installation of seismic bracing to the equipment cabinets, we recommend that wherever possible equipment cabinets of the same dimensions are tied together. This helps to eliminate the action of equipment slapping during earthquakes. It also increases the size of the overall footprint of the equipment line-up, which reduces the number of seismic bracing points required.

Equipment cabinets can be tied together using existing bolts holes in the frames of the equipment cabinets, where they sit side by side. If bolt holes are not available, Integrated Construction Services, with its design build capabilities can fabricate splice plates to meet the specific needs of the cabinets.

Another method available to tie the equipment together is the Thumb-lock Fastening system. These devices can be installed onto the tops of the cabinets without drilling.

In areas with older access floor systems, it may be necessary to install an additional vertical rod with our ICS Under Floor Assembly. This will add support to the floor system.

In some cases ICS Recommends that the Seismic Bracing installation process occur after business hours, as the drilling of the concrete may disturb the business operations located in and around the installation area.

ICS recommends that the installation crews consist of no more than three (3) persons working on the equipment at one time. This reduces the possibility of interruption to the operations of the equipment.

Cable Management

Flextray Cable Management System is the time and money saving alternative to traditional cable tray systems. Flextray's innovative steel mesh design enables faster installation with less labor and materials The open mesh design enables cable networks to be expanded quickly and easily - ideal for today's sensitive telecommunications and fiber optic cables.

Flextray meets all applicable UL standard requirements regarding tray use as an equipment ground conductor.

Flextray Cable Management
Flextray Cable Management

Overhead Cable Management Infrastructure Installations

Overhead Cable Management
Overhead Cable Management

Simplex Isolation Systems

Fire Stopping Services

Fire prevention and isolation is an important concern for any data center. We specialize in isolation services to ensure that openings in fire walls to allow cables or piping to run through remain fire proof. Temperature resistent caulking and fire proof cable gates ensure that fire does not spread through walls.

Fire Stopping Services

Fire Stopping Services
Fire Stopping Services

Fire Stopping Services


Koldlok Raised Floor Grommets are designed to seal openings in new raised floor cutouts. Benefits:

Increases existing cooling unit capacity
Reduces the need to purchase additional cooling units
Improves equipment reliability and extends equipment life
Increases static pressure under the raised floor and improves cool air
delivery through perforated tiles and floor grates
Facilitates Cold Aisle/Hot Aisle best practices